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great-ish ?

i love the online program for the most part but with the app, the font is way too big and wont let me shrink it. and with copying and pasting, there’s no ‘select all’ option !!! it’s super annoying — especially when i have a lot of text i want to transfer. please fix these >:( i dont wanna have to start using a different program because i like it a lot! these are just critical to me


Attempted to copy and paste a large document that was a fail as the file was corrupted and the text inconsistently appeared within the document. The interface looks very nice however I then tried to copy and paste fractions of a chapter at a time and this resulted with the ap unexpectedly closing. Soon thereafter this ap was uninstalled. Not recommended unless you have time to waste.

Great look, too many problems

Most concerning is that when I use my microphone to input text, sometimes the text disappears. This has happened several times in the course of the last half an hour since I downloaded the app, so I am going to get rid of my account because it’s just not usable for me. Also: less concerning but slightly time-consuming it is the fact that every time I navigate away from the screen, it has to reload my document. And finally, I couldn’t figure out if there was a “select all” option. I saw cut and basic select, but for my work, “select all” is a must-have capability. Maybe I’m just silly couldn’t figure it out, but that played a small role in my decision to stop using this app.

Can't get it to work correctly

I tried it is not user friendly, doesn't give any options to save, delete, start anew etc. Locks up screen of my iPad.

Good but laggy and buggy

I love the way everything is organized, but as I’m typing, the keyboard will bug out and it almost seems too laggy.

Disappearing punctuation

I started using the app. Whenever I go back to my work all the punctuation is gone. I don’t want to continue using it as a result.

A Blah do writing app

If you only want to write a few things on the app it's ok. But otherwise google docs is way better. It's way too difficult to view docs, you have to use a separate app for sheets and more often then not the app doesn't work. Don't even waste your time downloading the Zoho docs app because that does nothing.


You need to add a way to save a your work! The app crashes all the time. I'm afraid if I log out I'll lose all my work! And it lags

Could be better...

The desktop version is amazing, but the app... not so much. It needs smaller fonts, scrolling smoothness, and the ability to sync folders. All of my documents are out of its folders and I have to guess which is which.

Font size

If they add in a setting that lets you change the unnecessarily large font size then I’ll give this 5 stars EDIT: I wish it could go even smaller, but now that I’ve found it, it’s a lot easier to write without people being able to see it from miles away!

So far Nice Interface

Update: it no longer is freezing on tutorial. Will share more once I use it extensively.


Always and I mean always crashes Thanks for caring

Awesome App with Minor Problems

So there’s another problem that I encountered. Sometimes the app crashes and deletes whatever I had just typed at the time. It’s a little frustrating to deal with. Also, whenever the app shuts down, it undo some of the changes I have made and even messes up some of the words I have typed. For example I typed “The fantasies...” and after the app crashed, and I went back to sync my work, it saved as “Th ntasies...”


I have to say I found Zoho docs online today and I absolutely LOVE it. It is so useful. It’s like having a full-featured version of Word online. The UI in phenomenal and this app complements that. This app is very similar to the google docs app but is compatible with your zoho docs, which in my opinion has a way better website. Thanks for this amazing service!

I would love to love this app.

The app has a clean interface, which is a refreshing trend these days. I would use this app more consistently if it would finally support the iPad's split-screen functionality. It baffles me that there are still apps that do not. I would like to be able to access my notes, or a website during my writing process. Alas, Writer, even with its more current update still does not. Not very practical unless your are using your imagination while you write... #ExtremelyFrustrating

I am a huge fan of Zoho

Feature rich, readily available within work flow, and clean!


It usually seems fine, but whenever I try opning a document with many pages (right now 29), the app crashes either at or shortly opening the document for some reason

What I was looking for

This app is exactly what I've been looking for. It's free, so much smaller than other word processor hogs and it does everything I need! Thanks!

Very good app

This app was clutch. It allowed me to create and edit existing files that needed some last minute edits. It's super user friendly. I love it.


This app is exactly what I need to compose writings, commentaries, lessons, etc. on the go and easily convert them to HTML documents for publishing and making a gigantic multi-section notebook.

Zoho was a Great app!

Zoho was a Great app? I loved it! But this time when I went in to get a template to start a new document they were gone. Sad! I'd planned on using one. Now I have to start from scratch. Oh, well I guess I can do that too. Just takes longer. I still think Zoho is an excellent app for writing documents! Rusti

Needs an update...

Needs to take some cues from the interface on Day One, definitely needs a landscape mode, etc.


Why is it even here?

Not as good as the old.

Liked the old version better. Why does everything have to be "improved"?


Writer downloaded when I asked for the email app. First mistake. Now it opens but when asked to perform, it crashes. I have nothing to create documents with.

Crashing App

I installed the app after updating to iOS 8.0.2, but the app keeps crashing. Will it be further developed for this iPad iOS version?

Almost great

This is almost one of the best apps. I am preparing to ditch MS (will not use 365) and am reviewing replacements for Mac and ipad. The bar makes editing easy but hitting the delete and return buttons always means a 2 second delay. I have not updated to IOS 8 assuming it is best to wait for app makers to push out their updates. Also, it does not like Spanish. Accent marks will often throw the text into a tizzy

Would have rated this app a 5....

Would have rated this app a 5 a few days ago, but since Apple's latest update, my documents won't open. I open the app and it immediately crashes. This is worrisome and aggravating because I can't get into my documents. If this isn't fixed, I'll have to start over by re-typing my documents on a different app and this does not make me a happy camper.

Incompatible with Vietnamese input language

I can't type Vietnamese in Zoho Writer. This app is extremely easy to use and powerful.


This is a great app for writing stories but if you happen to use a keyboard that connects via bluetooth then it lags when you click backspace.

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